ACM stands in solidarity with Haitian colleagues

July 12, 2021

The Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) has noted with deep concern, recent tragic and deadly developments in Haiti.

Our attention to the situation there pre-dated last week’s assassination of President Jovenel Moise, as rising unrest and violence had already claimed the lives of four journalists/media workers for the year.

We noted with regret the absence of specific reference to threats to Haitian media at the recently concluded virtual Caricom Heads of Government Meeting but hope subsequent deliberations at the ensuing Emergency Meeting included the impact of the situation on the practice of journalism.

The declaration of a state of siege by interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph correctly seeks to address prevailing uncertainties and ensure a state of relative calm. However, we are mindful of the potential for official abuse when it comes to the work of the media and the chilling effect on press freedom.

We note similar expressions of concern from our hemispheric and international partner organisations and assure everyone that our vigilance will continue during this period. We extend a hand of solidarity with the media fraternity in Haiti on behalf of your friends and colleagues from the rest of the Caribbean region.

Jul, 12, 2021