View the ACM’s Climate Crisis Handbook

On January 27, 2021, the ACM introduced a number of regional journalists to ”Reporting the Climate Crisis – A Handbook for Caribbean Journalists”.

The handbook is the product of a series of journalism workshops and the research of authors Dr Dale Rankine, Steve Maximay and Wesley Gibbings.

It was welcomed by Information and Communication Advisor to the UNESCO Cluster Office for the Caribbean, Ms Isabel Viera, who commended it to journalists as a useful resource to assist in understanding some complex scientific issues related to the climate change challenge in the Caribbean.

Dr Rankine provided a tour of the handbook, outlining its main concerns. Gibbings described it as the product of “a very long road travelled” from the 2005 collaboration with the Caricom Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change (MACC) project which saw the publication of the Climate Change Handbook for Caribbean Journalists.

He said the new document was very much “a work in progress” as actions to address climate change accelerate in the Caribbean and around the globe.

An interactive and downloadable version of the handbook can be accessed here:


Jan, 27, 2021