ACM Condemns Attacks on Media in Haiti

12 June, 2019

The Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) is deeply saddened by the killing of Haitian journalist, Pétion Rospide following protests on Monday, June 10, 2019. The ACM is concerned about the safety of journalists, especially during increased tensions and violence throughout the country. We call on the relevant authorities to launch an investigation to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice. On this sad occasion, we share the sorrows of our brothers and sisters on Radio Sans Fince (RSF), where Rospide worked, and the wider Haitian press.

Rospide’s death comes on the heels of an attack on National Television of Haiti journalist Richardson Jourdan and a Le Nouvelliste photojournalist who was shot during major anti-corruption protests on the weekend. A local broadcasting outfit had several vehicles burned or damaged by protesters during weekend demonstrations.

These attacks against the media reflect a deteriorating security climate across the country. The ACM therefore urges protesters not to compromise the work of journalists, who play a critical role in establishing and maintaining a democratic society.


Jun, 12, 2019