Eye on the Storm – Caribbean journalists tell their stories

As part of our project to address the needs of journalists affected by Hurricane Irma, we have undertaken to have journalists who continued to provide coverage throughout the crisis tell us their stories.

This is a collaboration involving the ACM and CMC and all content is located at http://cananewsonline.com/main/category/public-news/post-hurricane-response/

You are free to use the material in your respective media as you wish by acknowledging the ACM/CMC collaboration. We will be attempting to update this series daily.

With the onset of Maria, are further challenges. But we will try our best to keep the service going.

On another note, those of us who visited and/or monitored the situation post-Irma and Maria with respect to the needs of journalists in BVI, Anguilla, Barbuda, Dominica and Sint Maarten have been reporting to our special committee on the situation but further work needs to be done to put together a more detailed assessment of needs on the ground.

You can assist by emailing us at acmmail [at] gmail [dot] com with information about any journalist/media worker with specific professional needs such as cameras, digital recorders, laptops or other personal equipment lost or damaged in the hurricane in the named countries.

Sep, 19, 2017