Sep 13, 2017 – The Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) has launched a campaign focused on the plight of journalists and other media workers in some Caribbean countries affected by Hurricane Irma.

A committee led by veteran Barbadian broadcaster, Julian Rogers, and including ACM president Wesley Gibbings, Media Institute of the Caribbean (MIC) board member/former IPI executive director, Alison Bethel-McKenzie and ACM executive member, Denis Chabrol has been convened.

Journalists Anika Kentish (Antigua), Marvin Hokstam (Netherlands), Raynier Maharaj (Canada) with support from CMC are also engaged in the fact-finding, planning and fund-raising activities of the campaign.

The primary objectives of the campaign are:

  1. To conduct an assessment of the professional/equipment needs of media workers in islands affected by Hurricane Irma and to report on in to the ACM for onward submission to our global partners;
  2. To deliver some minimum relief to those in need;
  3. To establish a system for relaying news and information on the situation regarding media and journalists in the affected countries via the CMC network

The countries/territories included in this survey are: Anguilla, Barbuda, BVI, Turks and Caicos and St Martin/Sint Maarten. Some work on the ground has already begun.

The ACM is engaging the attention of its regional and international affiliates and some fund-raising activities to facilitate the missions and follow-up action is being launched.

ACM President Wesley Gibbings says the campaign “is the least we can do at a time like this to ensure there are functioning media operatives in the islands most affected by the hurricane.”

“One key component is providing a platform for the telling of stories of journalists and how they have been affected,” he said.


Sep, 13, 2017