Why should you join a media association?

Why Should You Join A Media Association?

Before joining the 13-year-old ACM, I’d often asked myself: Why do I, or any journalist, need to join an association?’ It’s a question many young journalists (like me) have asked themselves and I’m sure that for those of you who live in countries where there’s no national media association or where the existing one is dormant, finding the answer might be difficult.

But it should not be. There is a myriad of offerings for learning, growth, community and professional success associated with membership of media associations such as the ACM and affiliate groups in and beyond the Caribbean region. The strengths of the ACM are its networking and sharing of job opportunities. In other words, through professional associations, journalists have the ability to make important connections, get story ideas, stay current with industry trends, access training, link with industry mentors and find job opportunities in addition to a range of other benefits.

Joining an association is one of the best strategic decisions a journalist can make. The more support we get from practitioners across the region, the stronger we could become.In his congratulatory message to the new ACM executive, Zhivargo Laing, a leading Caribbean economist, says, “A robust regional media organization is vital to the development of the Caribbean region.” I couldn’t agree more. He describes the media as “the fourth estate that strengthens democracy by informing and educating the public about local, regional and international developments.”

Read official release (pdf): 20131118-WhyJoinMedAssn

Nov, 18, 2013