The Looming Storm

Wesley Gibbings
President, Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers

This State of the Caribbean Media Report makes no pretense at being an exhaustive examination of all free press issues in the Caribbean Region. Certainly, an exercise to achieve such an objective, while absolutely necessary, exceeds even the most ambitious potential of a strictly voluntary undertaking such as this.

The Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) nevertheless proudly presents this compilation of national reports to you in the belief that it can inspire far more authoritative work through the eyes of Caribbean media practitioners themselves. Indeed, we recognise the uniqueness of such an approach and applaud all national associations and individuals who contributed toward completion of this modest project.

In my view, this Report ought to become the premier guide to press issues in the Caribbean region, serving as a key reference document for hemispheric and international studies inhibited by geographical and cultural distance.

Download (pdf): The Looming Storm

Nov, 06, 2013