A Tool Kit for Media in the OECS

Keeping Biodiversity Issues in the News

Few people in the Caribbean region are aware that we live in one of the world’s most important “biodiversity hot spots”. The entire Caribbean region is recognized as the world’s fifth most critical biodiversity hot spot – which means that many of the unique plants and animals that exist only in our region – and nowhere else – are under serious threat of extinction unless strong action is taken to protect them now.

In fact our region has already lost some critically important species, the majority of which have disappeared within the last few decades.

The eyes of the world are watching what we do.

In order to halt the extinction of our rare species, we all need to get involved. Indeed, as human beings, we are as intricately a part of biodiversity as are all other creatures. We definitely “Depend on nature to survive” and therefore need to ask “Can nature depend on us?”

Download (pdf): A Tool Kit for Media in the OECS

Nov, 06, 2013