ACM partners with ILO for labour workshop

Communicating Rights at Work: a training workshop for media professionals

Work is one of the few experiences common to all humanity. So the conditions under which we work – and the standards that govern them – concern all levels and all kinds of societies; whether we are employees, self-employed, small business owners, managers, public service employees, politicians or policy-makers. Work-related issues include immediate, practical questions – wages, safety and health, working conditions, discrimination, gender and social safety nets – and broader issues such as building productivity and competitiveness, creating employment-friendly laws and policies, labour migration, linking education and employment and the right to organize and express opinions.

The frequency of labour-related headlines in print and electronic media is evidence that the world of work is newsworthy. All around the globe, the media reports on local, regional and international events affecting the lives of women and men workers. However, due to budgetary and organizational constraints, many news organizations lack labour and /or business specialists among their staff correspondents, and many media workers have had little opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of rights at work and related labour and workplace issues.

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Aug, 20, 2011