Address by Ms. Kiran Maharaj at 7th Annual TTPBA Media Awards

Address by Ms. Kiran Antoinette Maharaj President of the Trinidad & Tobago Publishers and Broadcasters Association

(The Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Hotel – Thursday 25th November 2010)

2010 marks the seventh consecutive year for the TTPBA’s Awards for Media Excellence …. The 75th year for the first radio broadcast ever in Trinidad and Tobago…. The 75th year of Indian film in Trinidad and Tobago….. And it will be remembered as the year that T&T got its first female Prime Minister.

As we reflect on our nation’s past with its colourful history and candid splendor, it reminds me of the significant contribution of our pioneers and of the ups and downs we have endured. Economists say that there is a business cycle of four phases: prosperity, recession, depression, and revival. I believe that the last cycle is not revival but reinvention. I say this because of our virtual neighbourhoods with its borderless geography.

To think that the number of years between the Acta Diurna’s first publication in 59 BC and Gutenberg’s printing press in 1440 was 14 centuries…. compared to the development of the packet-switched networking solution in the late 1960s with the World Wide Web’s first browser in 1993 – which was just about 30 years…it makes you really realize that you are living almost at the speed of light.

So where do we go from here? Who can predict the future? The simple answer is that no one can predict the future. Why? Because in the new media world, the reaction time to competition is almost immediate; time-based competition is no longer a strategy option for competitive advantage it is part of everyone’s business plan.

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Nov, 25, 2010