ACM admitted as Full Member of IFEX

Acm Gains Ifex Membership

The Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) has been admitted as a Full Member of the international free expression network, IFEX (International Freedom of Expression Exchange).

ACM President, Wesley Gibbings, presented the case for membership at the IFEX General Meeting in Oslo, Norway on June 1, 2009.

Association of Caribbean Mediaworkers 1

He reported that the ACM was involved with addressing threats to free expression brought on by official responses to declining social and economic conditions.

He said IFEX provided the region with an international platform for its positions on issues related to the work of the media. In return, he argued, the ACM brings to the global free expression community information on media developments in a diverse cross-section of countries.

The ACM was admitted as an Interim Member of IFEX in October 2008.

Read full official press release (pdf): ACM admitted as Full Member of IFEX

Jun, 03, 2009