Wesley Gibbings “The Media, Democracy and Elections” (Guyana)

The media, democracy and elections

Georgetown Club, August 17, 2006

Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers

I bring greetings to the Guyanese media community from the 200-plus Caribbean journalists – some of them representing media associations – who are members of the ACM community.

From Belize to The Bahamas to Suriname to Guyana, the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers has over the past five years excited the imaginations of media people with an interest in ensuring that the environment in which they operate is both free and conducive to the promotion of high professional values.

Guyana has a special place in our collective hearts, mine in particular, since it was from here the Caribbean has been provided with some of our finest media practitioners. We think of Fr. Andrew Morrison, Hubert Williams, Rickey Singh, Ric Mentus, Sandra Baptiste and Hugh Hamilton. There are always dangers in providing such a listing so I know there are many more names on your lips at this very moment – and some who would have preferred that I had not gone there at all.

Read full official press release (pdf): Wesley Gibbings “The Media, Democracy and Elections” (Guyana)

Aug, 17, 2006